Chip Timing Technology

The London Marathon and Tokyo Marathon are both timed by Active Network/IPICO. It’s a proven system with a greater than 99.99% accuracy read rate.

If you’re looking for the technical details, check out the IPICO website.  I’m going to break it down in layman terms: When you’re at the grocery store, going through the self- checkout line, you scan your Popsicles at the counter.  In a nutshell that’s RFID technology, that’s chip timing.  That UPC barcode that you scanned, that’s the “timing chip.” When the runners cross the finish line, we know who that individual is, their age, gender, age group and the exact time that they crossed the finish line.  When you have all of that information, timing becomes less complicated and you’ve reduced errors.

Online Registration Services

We partner with RunSignUp to offer online registration services. If our timing customers use RunSignUp, runners can sign up for live texting or email of results and so can their friends and family.

Cost and Value

Colorado Race Timing is not the cheapest timing company out there but we’re also not the most expensive.  Warren Buffet once said “Price is what you pay.  Value is what you get.”  At Colorado Race Timing, you’re going to get value.

Free Race Promotion

We time races and we promote races. We have a monthly blast with over 43,000 Colorado runners and a Facebook page with over 1,800 authentic likes.

Race Management & Equipment Rental

We offer race equipment rental.  We will rent you everything you need to put on a race, (with the exception of port-o-potties… and we do not plan to get into that business anytime soon).  We also provide course management services. We can lay out your course before the race. Remember outsource what you don’t know to the experts.

At Colorado Race Timing we know timing and course management.

Contact us for a quote; we look forward to making your event a success.